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Volunteering at PMI

Volunteering with PMI Canberra is one of the best ways to grow skills in leadership and management.  This is also an opportunity to quickly build and extend your industry networks. Volunteering in PMI is built on four pillars:

Types of Volunteering Oppurtunities

We are constantly looking for people from different backgrounds to assist with a diverse range of activities, including:

Image by MD Duran


Execution of all PMI Canberra Events, including planning, speaker engagement, organising, executing, and communication of the events.

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Volunteer Engagement

To create a vibrant, active, agile and eager “Volunteer Engine” that portfolios can draw on for short and long term initiatives.

First Time Membership


Ensure the PMI Canberra members value being involved, are engaged and able to be part of the chapter, their fellow members and the community.

Crowd Applauding

Academic & Industry Outreach

Build strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with academic institutions, promoting the PMI Canberra brand and value proposition.

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Professional Development

Opportunities and information for members through certifications and improvement of project management skills.

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Strategic Communications

Promote and publish timely, relevant and engaging communication with members to ensure they feel valued and are part of the chapter and community.

Benefits of Volunteering

There are numerous benefits of being a PMIQ volunteer, if you are onboard with us you will:

Develop and sharpen vital new skills, including leadership, collaboration and team-building techniques


Gain experience in new areas of practice


Build your professional network by developing mutually beneficial relationships with other project managers


Realize the fulfillment of volunteering your time to make a difference in the world around you


Achieve Professional Development Units (PDUs)


Are you ready to volunteer? Do you believe you will help us to achieve our goals? Email to

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